What to Do If Your Aging Parent Starts Forgetting Things Regularly?

It’s hard to imagine your parents aging, becoming frail, developing health issues, and potentially not being able to care for themselves but this is the reality of aging for many seniors. Health issues can happen gradually over time giving families and your aging parent a chance to adjust, or they can seemingly occur overnight. One of the more common issues that families tend to deal with is a parent who starts forgetting things.

Being forgetful is something everyone can attest to once in a while, but if it becomes a regular occurrence it’s time to take notice. Here are steps you can take if your parent is forgetting things regularly.

Make Them an Appointment with Their Doctor

The first action to take is to schedule an appointment with their doctor. There can be many reasons for memory loss. Depending on their diagnosis a treatment plan may be necessary, and results can be better the faster they get on a plan. It’s also important that their doctor stay abreast of current health issues they may be dealing with.

Create a Routine They Can Follow

A routine can be incredibly helpful for seniors who are experiencing mild memory loss. This means you put the routine down in writing and post it somewhere in the house that is easy to spot. You may even want to put it in a couple of areas such as their bedside table, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Keep the routine simple and direct, so it’s easy to follow. Your parent can then work through the routine daily and not stress about forgetting important details.

Help Them with Meals and Errands

Whenever possible, you can also help with meals and errands. This could mean pre-making a week’s worth of meals and then labeling them in the fridge/freezer. All they have to do is find the corresponding day of the week and reheat the meal. Taking them on errands or doing errands for them can also be useful.

Hire Help to Assist Them with Daily Tasks

If you can’t be there to help them daily, then you can look into hiring help. Help may only be necessary for a couple of hours a day, or longer periods.

Many Assisted Living Facilities Provide Memory Care Programs

For a parent whose memory loss is becoming more pronounced and is affecting their ability to live independently, an assisted living facility may become necessary. If your parent starts forgetting things such as eating regularly, taking their medications on time, forgetting personal hygiene, and other such things, then it’s clear their memory loss is negatively impacting them in an unsafe and unhealthy way.

This memory care in Scottsdale AZ can be an eye-opener to the many programs and opportunities that assisted living facilities offer. Assisted living facilities shouldn’t be seen as a negative, rather they can be a positive experience for your parent that offers enriching activities, programs, and treatment. Memory care programs take into account each individual’s needs and cater to them, providing them with key exercises and support.

Don’t Turn a Blind Eye

Should your parent’s forgetfulness become regular, the last thing you want to do is turn a blind eye. Taking these steps will help them and ease your mind.

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