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Virtual Fitting Mirror

A virtual fitting mirror is a tool that allows a person to try on an outfit before they buy it. It allows a person to pick out the perfect outfit by selecting pieces of clothing that are displayed on a rack and then walk up to a smart mirror that serves as a virtual dressing room. The mirror scans the clothing items using RFID technology, which aggregates detailed information on the item to form a 3D model. The virtual fitting mirror then displays the 3D model to the customer.

A virtual fitting mirror is similar to the mirrors shoppers see in retail stores. It lets shoppers try on clothes in a virtual fitting room that reflects their shape and size, which makes it easier to determine whether or not the clothes will fit. The virtual mirrors also make it possible to rate items and request more sizes and styles. A virtual fitting mirror was not invented by Amazon; it was invented by Max Braun, a former employee of the company who sought a way to help shoppers try on clothing without spending a lot of time in the store.

Using AR technology to create a virtual fitting mirror, companies have been developing more realistic versions of their products. Some companies are even using the technology to create virtual fitting rooms. The company MySize, Inc., launched a virtual fitting mirror called SWEET FIT in its flagship store in London last year. The technology allows customers to look at a virtual outfit by scanning their figure and using AR to display it. The company has since partnered with Gucci to test its virtual fitting mirror, and Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel has said that the technology may even reduce return rates.

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