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Pota movies is a Hindi film which was released in the year 2012 Tuya. The movie is directed by Abhay Kundera and starring Anil Kapoor, Acti Bhatt and Sonu Sood in lead roles. The movie is an adaptation of the Indian novel Byeshwar: A Tentative Idea. It is a love story based on the relationship between a housewife and her husband. While playing kidnapped wife, Pota finds it difficult to cope up with two different life styles. She finds it hard to get along with her colleagues and friends, who see her as subservient or second class. This results in her becoming frustrated and aggressive towards others, which makes her husband suspiciously look at her longer than she’d like. The final straw comes when she’s found to be cheating on him while he’s away at work. Since then, she has been berating him for every little thing he does; even though having a spouse isn’t easy for them right now.

who is pota?

Pota was born on 14 October, 1972 in Bhagsu, Gujarat, India. She is an author and playwright who has written works such as Midnight Sun and The WeddingGuest. Her works have been published in various Indian and international publishing houses.

How do you feel now?

Terrible! I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. The emotions that are in me are totally overwhelmed. I can’t even start to talk about how much itbit me. It has almost been three years since I married and I have to say that having a family has been a struggle. The decision to get a family and settle down was a tough one for us, but we have been working towards it. During marriage, I felt quite self-conscious when wearing a sari because everyone in the house was staring at me and I was self-conscious when I left the house with my husband. So, we have been doing our best to make the best of the situation and work out any issues at the root of it. The wedding guestbook that I edited has been nothing but a source of frustration and grief for me. I feel so bad for it!

What will happen in the movie season next?

By the way, this is a prediction for the upcoming season, which is starting now. Let’s hope the chemistry between the leads increases and the movie gets better and better!

Biju’s college life

After their wedding, Biju and Rahul, their two kids, came to Mumbai to join their classmate, Hareru, for a few months. This is where the story of Byeshwar begins. While playing some Prasadam, Rahul and Biju get captured by a group of criminals, who take them to a remote forested area near the coast where they are held in captivity. There, they meet Anil Kundera, the author of Byeshwar, who is then in prison for selling heroin to the crowd. Anil and Biju come to know that Kundera is living in a house next to them. When Rahul and Biju get out of the house, they see that Anil is in the field, far away. They followed the sound of his voice and the sound of the wind and found Anil in the field with a group of people. They learn from him that he has been stolen and is being held captive.

Pota’s struggle to cope up with marriage and family

In the movie, Pota and her husband are on their honeymoon when they get word that their childhood friend, Dhani, is marrying his childhood sweetheart, Gulam, in a few days. This is when things get out of control for both of them. They are so in love with each other that they can’t take any breaks or take a break from their love. Dhani, who is also in love with Gulam, sees Pota as his ‘second wife’ and plans to marry her as well. Pota, however, is so frustrated by Dhani’s actions that she takes the law in his eyes and he is taken into custody.

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