Could You Plan the Perfect Picnic?

Eating outdoors is far from a novel concept. Nowadays, this tends to take the form of quickly finishing a sandwich while rushing to a meeting or eating an energy bar while waiting for the bus. Picnics are a slower, more romantic way of enjoying your food and nature. They are ideal for deliberately taking time out of your busy life and dedicating it to fun and peace. But how do you plan the perfect picnic? Here’s what you’ll need to think about.

Who’s Invited?

First of all, decide who you want to join you for your picnic. Will it be a family gathering or a reunion with old friends? Do you want a one-on-one catch-up chat or an opportunity to play with your kids on a sunny day? You don’t need to send out formal invitations – a call or message will do – but think about the social dynamic you want to create and who gets on well together.

What’s the Occasion?

Picnics are great for celebrations. Birthdays can be made particularly special if the weather is good and you feel like bringing lunch to the park or the beach. Perhaps someone at work is having a baby or you want to congratulate someone on their new home. Whatever the occasion, a picnic is a thoughtful and affordable way to celebrate. Of course, there doesn’t have to be a reason to throw a picnic in the first place.

Where Will You Set Up?

Your surroundings and scenery are key for a perfect picnic. Sitting by a busy road or building site while eating sandwiches and cakes is most likely not your idea of fun. Pick out a spot that has plenty to absorb your senses. The woods, the park, the beach – even your own backyard could be fun. If you or someone in the group has allergies, they don’t need to be excluded from the picnic. You can find fexofenadine at to help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever or insect bites so that the day out isn’t ruined. Laying a large blanket will help to keep the grass and insects from touching you or the food and a parasol or pop-up tent can provide shade from the sun. Even if the food isn’t perfect, you can still enjoy your beautiful picnic spot.

What Will You Eat?

Prepare food for your picnic in such a way that you don’t need to do much once you arrive. Keep foods separately contained and make sure to remember necessities such as knives, forks, and plates. If there is something delicate like a cake or pie, store it carefully so it isn’t a mess when you want to start eating. Ask the group which foods they love most and include some in the picnic basket as a surprise.

What Will You Do?

It can be fun to bring along a game or some ideas for activities on your picnic, such as a deck of cards, a kite, or a ball. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with simply eating and enjoying good company in pleasant surroundings.

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