Businesses and smaller companies should get their paperwork in order when they are starting.

The FSSAI Registration is one of those mandatory processes that companies have to get through if they are planning on running and working in public space. This FSSAI registration process is only a requirement for businesses running within the food industry. Food Business Operators need to have a food licence if they are planning on getting through the registration process.

Food business operators (FBO) according to the FSSA 2006 can be any undertaking, that is private or public, working for profit or not, carrying out activities related to any stage of manufacturing. When it comes to food licence, the FBO would have a list of roles and responsibilities to make sure that the food that they are serving meets the food safety standards in their business.

Companies that complete their FSSAI registration receive a food licence, and they have to make sure they display it at their premises. The details of the registration defer depending on the company and type of business they are running. Other factors are relevant when they are getting through the process, including the turnover of the company, the number of branches that they have and they have to get through the proper registration accordingly. There are three types of FSSAI registrations, the basic FSSAI registration, the state FSSAI registration and the central FSSAI registration.

Here are the primary documents a company has to provide if they are planning on getting through the FSSAI registration, and these might vary depending on the type of registration they are going through.

The authorities within the Department can choose to accept or reject the document within seven days from the date of receipt but have to inform the applicant about the rejection, in writing.
If they accept the registration, they will grant a registration certificate with the number and photo of the applicant.
They have to prominently display the certificate of registration at the place of business during the business hours.

The documents required for Basic, State and Central Registration are a passport photo and a photo ID proof.

For State and Central license, these additional documents are a must:
Completed and signed Form B
Address proof
List of food category and products
Layout plan of the proposed location
List of equipment
NOC from municipality
Incorporation certificate
List of directors/partners
Water test report
Import Export Code

Udyog Aadhaar scheme is another requirement when running a business in India. They created the scheme to encourage an additional number of people to complete the registration process. While India, like most parts of the world, is going through a pandemic, the Government wanted to do the best that they could to protect the economy and encourage more companies to get through the registration process.

The primary way that they learnt to get this done was by encouraging more people to register their companies and get straight back to work. They also learned that while larger companies were struggling to make ends meet, the smaller ones were doing alright, without much to worry about.

The Government just wanted to assist them, which they could only do if they have their paperwork in place. They worked on taking the Udyog Aadhaar scheme online which did facilitate a lot of ore registration with the largest number of registrations taken place during the pandemic. Additionally, the Udyog Aadhaar registration provided applicants with the opportunity to receive a lot of benefits from the Government so they could compete with others in the industry who had already received a head start. The Government was also providing benefits like not having to pay the same amounts in taxes and only paying a lower amount. They also didn’t have to have all their documentation in place, but they could delay some of it since they had their Udyog Aadhar. Other than filling out the applications online, they didn’t have to get through with other documentation since the process didn’t ask for it. However, if there were instances, they could provide the documentation at a later date and time to make sure they completed it.

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