Best Tips For Cricket Betting Like A Professional

Betting on cricket may be a good option for you if you’re looking for a second source of income. You only need a basic understanding of cricket and the most recent information on the players to start betting on cricket. By betting on cricket, individuals can make between 200 and 20,000. The IPL season is the best season to make money and you can take the help of IPL tipper free for betting purposes.

But many people contend that betting is a bad way to make money because there is always a chance of losing money. However, if you give it some serious thought, betting is similar to the stock market or mutual funds. There is never a 100% guarantee that you will receive your entire investment back when you invest in the stock market or a mutual fund. The risk of losing money exists as well, but if you invest wisely and strategically, you won’t run the risk. Likewise, there is no risk of losing money in cricket betting if you invest your money in a calculated manner. We’re going to share some of the best money-management strategies for betting on cricket in this article today:

Performance of The Players

Cricket betting entails predicting the outcome of the game before it begins. You can earn money from betting if you correctly predict who will win the game, and the outcome entirely depends on how well each team’s players perform. A team has a better chance of winning the game than the opposing team if they have strong batsmen, good bowlers, and good fielders. Decide which team has strong players before you bet, and then bet on them.

Make a Fantasy Team and Win Money

This is a different kind of cricket wager. This type of cricket betting requires you to put together a team before the game begins. If the players you choose for your fantasy team perform well on the actual field, you will receive points, and depending on how many points you receive, you could win a sizable sum of money.

Things that you should keep in mind before starting this type of betting:

  •  If the player you selected does not take part in the actual game, you will lose the bet. As a result, ensure that each member of your fantasy team competes on the actual playing field. As a result, you ought to always set up your fantasy team following the official announcement of the team’s starting line-up.
  • This wager has very basic rules. The performance of the players you have chosen for your fantasy team on the actual field will determine whether you win money or not. As a result, choosing quality players may result in you earning more points, and the amount of money you win will depend on your total point. The best players should be chosen for your fantasy team, so do your research on the players’ performances before placing your bet.
  • Keep in mind that the captain and vice-captain award you 2X and 1.5X points, respectively, in this type of betting. Therefore, only pick the best players to serve as your vice-captain and captain. The choice of the captain and vice-captain will determine the outcome significantly in terms of points. Your fantasy team’s vice-captain and captain may perform well, earning you more points than other gamblers and you can earn a sizable payout.
  • Do not select more than one wicketkeeper for your fantasy team.
  • Include a maximum number of good all-rounders for your fantasy team.

Factors that will help you to predict the match winner

  • Pitch: – If the game is being played on a pitch good for batting, you should bet on the team with a strong batting line-up, and if the game is being played on a pitch good for bowling, you should bet on the team with a strong bowling line-up. Your chances of winning a bet can be improved in this way.
  • Toss: – Toss in cricket has an important role to determine the match winner. The team which will win the toss has a greater chance to win the match. So, you may go for the toss-winning team for the betting.
  • Team News: – If one or more than one good player of the team does not participate in the game for injury or any other reason then that team has a low chance to win that match and you should avoid betting on that team.

Increase the number of betting

Instead of placing one bet of 200 Rs place 10 bets of 20 Rs. In this way, you can increase the chances of your winning.

Avoid odd choices 

More risk equals more money when it comes to cricket betting. If you bet on Team B and they have a lower chance of beating Team A, and they win the game, you will win 4X as much money as if you had bet on Team A. However, you should never wager on unlikely possibilities. The likelihood that you will lose all of your money is very high.

Make good research

Before starting betting make a good research about the teams and the players. You can take the help of trusted websites or YouTube for your research. On the websites check which team has a greater probability to win the match.

Head-to-head records

Following the head-to-head record when placing your wager is not a wise move. Only the players’ actions will determine the game’s outcome. It is independent of the record in head-to-head competition.

Let’s say that a few years ago, Team B did not have a strong team, and as a result, they lost to Team A ten times. However, Team B now has a stronger squad than Team A. Therefore, Team A cannot defeat Team B at this time. However, if you bet on Team A based on past performance, you could lose the bet.

Control Emotion

When placing a wager, use logic rather than emotion. Even if you are a huge fan of Team A, you shouldn’t bet on them if you believe they cannot defeat Team B. In that case, you ought to support Team B.


Do not develop a gambling habit. Don’t wager more money than you can afford to. Betting is a good way to earn some extra money, but you should never consider it your main source of income.

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