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One of the best places to find articles on digital marketing is a blog. Unlike social media, a blog is searchable. Furthermore, blog comments can stay for longer than a social media reply. Before creating a blog, you must think of what your target market would want to read about. Also, it helps to consider the benefits of your product or service for your existing customers.

Penguin Strategies is an agency that specializes in B2B marketing. Its blog is filled with marketing hacks and a dose of reality. The company is a Diamond Hubspot partner and shares its insights on a variety of topics, from content management systems to email marketing coschedules. The website is divided into multiple sections, including the latest best practices in social media marketing.

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry. Keeping up with the latest trends and best practices is essential to a successful marketing strategy. A digital marketing blog is a valuable resource that can help you stay informed about trends and algorithm updates. CareerFoundry’s digital marketing blog is chock full of helpful tips for newcomers in the field. It’s written by experts in the field and provides a great deal of helpful advice magazine3607.

Karola Karlson’s blog is another great place to find tips on social media marketing. She shares her experience in growing global brands and has a lot to say about the subject. Her blog contains 300+ examples of great Facebook ads and advice on mobile app and SaaS marketing. There’s no better way to learn about this topic than by reading the posts of other successful marketers talkingtime.

A well-written digital marketing blog will increase traffic and lead to more conversions. It is essential to build trust with your customers by providing useful and relevant content advogato. Adding links to social media pages on your digital marketing blog is also helpful. These links encourage social media followers to scroll through your blog and click through to your website.

For a quick refresher on SEO, backlinks are an essential part of digital marketing. Backlinko, a popular website founded by SEO expert Brian Dean, has an informative blog that is perfect for business owners and professional marketers. Their articles are easy to understand and follow and are written in a conversational tone.

The Content Marketing Institute is another highly respected industry influencer that has a great digital marketing blog. It was the first blog to use the term “content marketing,” and aims to educate marketers on the best practices of storytelling in digital outreach newshub56. The blog offers practical advice to the average user and contains helpful news articles and in-depth industry research. It also hosts an awesome online magazine.

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